God Works Upstream

In 1982 a small group of men in Greeley, CO got together over breakfast to share their stories of overcoming struggles in their personal and professional lives. No matter how the story began, the conversation always ended with how their faith in Jesus had carried them through. 

Recognizing how the conversation had lifted their spirits and provided them with sense of fellowship, they decided to do it again, and this time to invite others. In 1983, word had spread and a member of the group invited Joe Foss, the former Governor of South Dakota, to share his testimony. A small group gradually grew in size, and soon it became an annual event keynoted by a different leader each year, though always centered around Jesus. 

Fast forward to present day, this small breakfast group has grown to become  one the largest and most notable events in Northern Colorado. Over the past 37 years, hundreds of people have found their faith and committed their lives to Jesus through this event - including our very own co-chair, whom was called to his faith in 2009. While he had no formal belief system at the time, his boss humbly invited him to be his guest. Resistant at first, he was a convinced it would be a great opportunity to meet other leaders from the community, and was assured he would appreciate the message to be shared by the speaker, former professional baseball player and Denver Nuggets Chaplain, Bo Mitchell. This event forever changed his life. 

No matter the journey you are on - believer, non-believer, or simply a person that is unsure of this thing called faith - you are always welcome to be our guest...for Jesus is friend to ALL.