I decided to follow Jesus, now what?

Foundations Church (Windsor - Loveland)


 At Foundations Church, people are gathering regularly during the week in homes and coffee houses throughout the Northern Colorado community.  There are groups for just men or just women, singles, married couples and more, so find your fit at a group meeting near you. 

The Genesis Project (Fort Collins)


 After meeting for a year at Everyday Joe’s coffee shop, Genesis Project was officially launched on February 8, 2015 in a former strip club on the north side of Fort Collins. We are a diverse community of broken people seeking to live bravely in the way of Jesus by going to the darkest corners of our city and loving people where they are.  

Life More Abundant Christian Church (Greeley - Evans)


We are a multi-ethnic, non-denominational church, serving northern Colorado. We believe the Bible is the Spirit inspired, inerrant word of God, and the basis upon which believers are to live and govern their lives. 

Pastor Reza Zadeh (Denver, Windsor & Fort Collins)


Through Athletes in Action we utilize the platform of sports to create lasting relationships with athletes. These athletes often times have no one asking them questions that go beyond the surface. Most people that interact with them are asking them for something. Our desire is to build relationships with them with "no strings attached".  

Hope4_2Morrow (Greeley)


 The mission of Hope4_2Morrow is to provide support, education, assistance, awareness, and intervention as necessary to support and promote emotional health to prevent suicide and self harm.  We plan and execute family friendly events to attract community interest and supporting organizations and business participation.  We collaborate with other mental health and suicide prevention organizations to offer up-to-date training and resources to effectively identify, prevent, and support suicide prevention efforts in our community.